Make Your Foods Healthier By These Top Cooking Tips

Hi foodies, foodies love food. BTW I am also a foodie. So we foodies love to eat and also want to stay healthy, fit and slim. Don’t you agree?? So read our top cooking tips recommended by my friend chef to enchance the taste of the food as well as healthy. So why wait? Scroll….

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1. Get Great Taste With Less Cheese 

We love pizza. And mostly all cheese dishes. So cheese eaters are cheese lovers. So cheese basically has many carbs. So we can get fat by eating cheese. So keep the flavour of cheese by adding less cheese. You can add cheese like cheddar, goat cheese and parmigiano. These cheese have good taste with less fat.

2. Make Ice Cream With Low Fat Milk

Make homemade less fat ice-cream with low fat. Make your ice cream with low fat milk and add gelatin to it. Add your flavours and freeze it. After 7 to 8 hours, scoop out and have less fat tasty ice cream.

3. Cook Meat With Vegetables And Grains

Meaty dishes like burgers and meatloaf. So cook out meat with grains like rice or add veggies like bell peppers, lettuce and make your portion healthy.

4. Replace Butter With Oil

We mainly cannot swap butter in baked dishes. Add half butter and half oil in baked desserts. For meat, and all salty dishes replace butter with canola and olive oil.

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5. 2 Egg Whites Instead Of 1 Whole Egg

Take off the yolk and put 2 egg whites in all your dishes. Egg white has lesser calories than in egg white. So almost you can use egg white instead of egg yolk in any dishes.

6. Swap All Purpose Flour To Wheat Flour

All purpose flour is not healthy. So For baking recipes, you can use half wheat flour into all purpose flour and also self rising flour. I don’t recommend this for pizza, for other desserts like pies and tarts you can use totally or half wheat flour.

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7. Cook With Less Oil

Oil is not good for health. Mainly for cholesterol. Cook on non stick utensils as you can use less oil while cooking. Use 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil instead of 2 tablespoon of olive oil. Use less oil in saute, salads and more.

8. Enrich Flavour In Dish Without Top Up Salt

We add a pinch on top of dish to enchance the dish taste. So you can replace the dish taste with freshly cut herbs, or dried herbs. Or even fresh lemon juice. In salad or saute, you can even add chopped tomatoes.

9. Get Fried Food Baked

Love deep crispy fried chicken? Dip chicken, fish in curd, or coat with a coat of breadcrumbs and egg and apply a layer of oil e oil. Bake your chicken in oven for 425 degrees to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Baked Foods are much low in carbs and fat than Fried Foods.

So these are my tips for tasty and healthier foods. Comment below your tips. Share this post😊. Stay connected.

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