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6 Foods Leading To Acne You Should Be Aware Of

Our diet is what we are today. So coming to acne, we many have it as a common problem. Foods that cause inflammation and are high in sugar levels and lead to Harmonal imbalance and infections are the reasons behind acne. There are a list of foods that need to be avoided for clearer skin. So here we have put up this list for you. It’s not that you can’t eat it. You can, but within the limits. Excess consumption of these foods are not good for skin. So have a look at the list.

1. Energy Drinks

Avoid those energy drinks like red bull, because they are highly loaded in sugar levels and contain no nutrients. So these drinks are a cause of your acne or other skin triggered infections.

2. Love Junk? No…

While fast foods pizza, burgers, French fries, successfully satisfy our taste buds. These are deadly dangerous to our skin. This reduces the balance of pH levels in skin and can cause breakouts and acne. So, say no to junk…

3. Protein Powders

Whey protein powders contains omega-3 fatty and amino acids which trigger acne. These amino acids overproduces skin cells which block your skin pores and thus leads to breakouts and acne.

4. No Caffeine And Alcohol

No coffee for acne. Consuming coffee increases the cartisol levels into our system which can induce stress and elavate insulin levels. A rise in insulin levels leads to overproduction of sebum. Sebum leads to breakouts and acne and other skin triggered infections.

Alcohol causes in levels of testosterone or in the estrogen levels. And this leads to acne.

5. Canned Foods

While canned foods are saviours for bachelors. Alas! Not for acne people. Canned foods like cup noodles, spreads, cake mixes are in chemicals which are harmful for our skin. So better no… These can and foods contain artificial preservatives and flavours which cause skin allergies. They have saturated fats which produces more oil glands in skin and thus acne.

6. Dairy Products 

Cheese, ice cream, chocolates, increases blood sugar levels. These dairy products also contain growth harmones which results in overproduction skin cells and then cause acne breakouts. Even insulin levels are also raised and this leads to excess production oil glands in skin and we can get acne.

So hope you not take stress about your acne and next time keep in mind to take these foods in less quantity and tell me your ideas to avoid acne in comments.


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