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Tips And Home Remedies To Make Your Nails Healthy And Shiny At Home Easily

We all mostly use nail polish to make our nails look shiny instantly. But we all know that nail polish contain chemicals. By applying nail polish, the toplayer of nails also become weak and they break easily. So it blocks oxygen from and becomes a barrier type for oxygen to penetrate. So better prefer less or no usage of nail polishes. You can apply warm vitamin E oil to make your nails grow stronger. Apply it with your fingers in circular motion to deeply penetrate the nutrition.

Many people say to apply remedies with cotton. Cotton absorbs the nourishment in remedies. So avoid cotton and use any remedies with your hand. If you use brush to apply masks on face. Don’t do that as it enlarges your skin pores and spoil your natural skin. 

So now see the below tips to make your nails healthy and shiny….. Wait… Some also have problem of not growing nails fast or long. So don’t worry. See here – How to Grow Your Nails Faster And Longer In 7 Days

Healthy Nails Secret

  • Maintaining Good Health
  • Good health is the reason being all our body diseases or good health. I have mentioned this in many blog posts. So maintain good health. Eat protein and calcium rich foods. Eat salmon, dry fruits, green leafy veggies and drink milk. And drink water to be Hydrated. Drinking water has many benefits. So maintain good health and stay Hydrated for healthy and shiny nails.

Petroleum Jelly Works Wonders

Vaseline does wonders when applied to nails. It gives shines to your nails after applying for few days. Vasline also has many other uses. If you are a beauty tips follower, you would have definitely watch Vaseline wonders. If not watch now, you will find it. Apply Vasline every night before you sleep to your nails, it locks the nourishment inside and your nails will become shinier.

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  •  Milk Nail Soak

Pour some warm milk in a bowl and dip the nails into the milk. Let the nails soak the nourishment for milk. After rinse your nails throughly with cold water. After apply nail cream or a moisturizer. This is the best remedy. There are many other nail soaks but this one works the best because it has protein and calcium. So healthy nourishment from inside and outside.

Important Tips

  • Wear gloves to protect your nails while in detergent or any other coarse liquids. As the chemicals in them make your nails weak and brittle.
  • Always remember to use a DIY nail polish remover as it helps you from chemicals in acetone.
  • Always have a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Always keep your body Hydrated.
  • Prefer natural home remedies to enchance the beauty of your nails.
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DIY Nail Polish Removal

  • Vinegar
  • Lemon juice

Method – mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix half tablespoon of water in it. Otherwise your nails will become brittle. Dip your nails in for secs and remove your nail polish with piece of cotton. 

So follow these tips for healthy and shiny nails. Read above more blogs to know more about nails. Follow the newsletter and social media to boost my inspiration.


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