Different Nail Shapes – Shape Your Nail Perfectly Now

Nails define neatness and beauty in our body. So clean and shaped nails define about ourselves. Follow a nail routine to have the perfect and dream nails, then we can shape them easily. Can’t grow nails faster? Don’t worry. But you can shape the nails you want perfectly now… Prefer the below given tips for attractive, beautiful and shaped nails..

1. Oval Shaped Nails 

Suitable for short fingers. This is popular nail shape in late 2000s. This can make your fingers look longer. With the help of nail filer, file your nails in an egg shaped to attain this shape.

2. Squoval Style of Shaping

A combination of square and oval makes it Squoval. Is a popular style around the world. It is easily possible to manage of the rounded edges, this style has the classiness and are just perfect for any type of fingers. Just file the nails as always, just file them square at the corner for the classy look.

3. Round Shape 

This type is ideal for all types of fingers. It’s very easy to shape. I loce this style of shaping. Just a little bit, square them and flow the curve of your finger tip. This is the “worth it” style for your nails if you face difficulty in growing nails.

4. Square Shaped Style

One of the most popular styles in the world. File the nails squarely to achieve this shape. French nails is worth popular in this style of shaping. But having the fear of breaking them, but it’s all worth the time. After filling, rub the edges with cloth incase of roughly filed nails.

5. Lovely Almond Shaped Nails

More like oval shape, but not exact. Just the perfect way they are, it’s just made for short fingers. They are more pointed at the tip of finger just like the almond. Wide at the base and slender along the sides. Coming the thought of it, they actually look like lovely almonds. To make up on the style, start the filing at the centre point of the nail and coming towards the sides make a peak point at the centre tip.

6. Ballerina Shaped Nails

Doesn’t this sound as Ballerina slippers?? Subtle version of Stiletto nail style. Passes on through Kylie Jenner, it’s her favourite. Following the filing just as in stiletto nails, file the nails along the sides to centre point and square the tips out. I recommend you to to use acrylic or gel nails for this too. Go bold and yet comfortable in this style. Suitable for all types of fingers.

7. Crazy Stiletto Nails

Bring on some guts to try this crazy stiletto nails. It’s not common but celebrities like Rihanna put on this crazy look. Gives the long and slender shape to your nails. Use acrylic or gel nails to pull on this look as this style tends to break the nails off easily. Start filing your nails as in almond shaped nails and the sides meet at a point. All types of fingers can catch up on this crazy style.

Now… you have got all of them. So try this styles out. Following the shapes of nails, check on some amazing online tutorials of nail designs and try them at home. Tell us your experiences in the comments  and share other tips and tricks to file or shaper your nails and look beautiful.

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