Nail Hacks – 11 Top Picked Tips For Nail Painting

Hi…. What’s up! Do you love you nails and nail polish. Yeah me too. Actually every girl or lady do. Am I right? But sometimes the nail polish chips, or easily won’t come out. Or we have problem removing acrylic nails. So we have like this certain problems. So we have picked some top tips for you as a solution for painting your nails. So take a look.

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1. Apply Vaseline Around Your Nails

While applying nail polish, some of it spread around the corners and easily won’t come out and look weird. So apply vaseline for easy cleaning.

2. Use White Polish If Nail Paint Is Thin For Pop Up

If your nail paint is thin, we doesn’t get the desired colour. So apply white nail polish as base. After totally drying, then apply any colour nail polish and it will pop out.

3. Use Tape For Two Shade Design

Apply first coat of any nail paint and then stick on tape in any desired shape and apply second colour. Let it dry. Then remove the paint. And apply top coat.

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4. Use Pencil Eyeliner For Nail Stones

Mostly we all don’t have the nail art kit. So we have to use up our creative mind and bring on DIY. So one such diy is for rhinestones. For rhinestones, use pencil eyeliner to apply.

5. Eyeshadow + Clear Nail Paint = Custom Nail Polish

We want to try different shades of nail paint. So for custom nail paint, mix any shade of eyeshadow with clear nail paint and get your desired nail polish colour.

6. For Nail Chipping, Try Sticking With Baking Paper

AAttach baking paper to chipped nail and stick it on with clear nail paint. Let it dry. And apply nail polish on top of it. See your nail is now perfect.

7. Try On DIY Nail Paint Remover

Acetone is not good for your nails. It makes nails tend to break down and weak. Tips And Home Remedies To Make Your Nails Healthy And Shiny At Home Easily. So try on a DIY nail paint remover.


  • 2 tablespoon of vineger
  • 1 cup of warm water


Soak your nails in this mixture for like 5 mind. And take it off. Rub your nails with cotton pad. Nail polish will come off easily. See it’s a easy method and you can also refresh your nails.

8. Apply Craft Glue As A Base For Easy Removal 

Problem in removing nail paint, try on the above DIY remedy. Or you can even apply Elmer or any craft glue as a base. And let it dry. After apply nail polish and then top coat. After when ever you need you can remove your polish easily. 😊

9. If Nail Paint is Harden, Then Leave The Bottle In Warm Water For 1/2 Hour

If your nail polish doesn’t come out off the bottle and is harden. Then leave on the bottle in warm water for 1/2 – 1 hour for loosening of nail paint. Or you can even add nail thinner to it for instantly loosening of nail paint.

10. For Opening The Hard Nail Paint Bottle, Use Rubber Band For Grip

For better grip to open a hard nail polish bottle, wrap rubber band around the bottle and easily open the bottle.

11. Apply Vaseline For Easy Opening 

For easy opening of nail polish bottle, apply a little amount of petroleum jelly around the bottle mouth. This creates friction and your bottle will open easily from now.

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