Top Makeup Tricks For Women In Red

Hi lovelies, now by the title you have an idea about the post. For a dazzling prom night or to look sexy, we women or girls mainly choose red because red pull on a sexy and attractive look. Right?? But to look hot, we mainly need to focus on our makeup and then on the other. One mistake there goes your sexy look off. So to pull on beautiful and sexy look, try out our recommended makeup tips. You win! โ™ฅ๏ธ

1. Nude Bronzer And Highlight

All dark doesn’t goes well. So make it simple and dazzling. Put on nude bronzer and make sure you highlight. Put on fake eyelashes and apply mascara and you are ready.

2. Red Lipstick

Apply red lipstick. This suits the best with red dress. Make sure you use lip liner as this pops your lips. If you don’t have red liner, you can do use dark red or matching colour to maroon.

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3. Shimmery Look

Up for a party?? Try on shimmer look. Apply dark red eyeshadow and apply red shimmer on it. Apply liquid eyeliner and get on with mascara. Nude bronzer suits well. Put on crazy accessories and heels. Perfect.

4. Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes goes well with any colours. Mainly dark dresses. Apply pink shimmer blush. Put on nude shade lipstick. Now start smokey eyes. Apply primer as a base. Now start applying black eyeshadow. Apply until covered. Apply cat eyeliner.

5. Nails

Nails are also important. Try on red or nude nail polish. You can also put on the glitter one. Or just slay on black nailpolish.

Not only makeup but your hairย should also set with your dress. If short hair, try the curly hair look. If long hair, do straighten it. You can mainly do any hairstyles but some rock. So mainly these are my experienced. Don’t look like overdressed. Keep it simple, you will rock.

Some More Tips

  • Also for footwear, mainly heels. If flats then you can wear mainly black. Make sure for heels, you wear red, black or nude heels.
  • Sling bags for party. Tote for casual and crossbody for work. Colours are same as for heels.
  • For work, keep your makeup simple and try on simple nude bronzer look. And put on nude lipstick.
  • For party try the shimmer look and the smoky eyes one.
  • For casual, you can just go simple without much makeup. Just put on light peachy blush. Light shade peach lipstick. And sling bag goes well with girls. For women, wear crossbody bag.
  • For work or party, keep your hair simple.
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  • Try on chunky jewelry for party, for work and wedding look up at my store and for casual keep it simple with a chain and watch.

So guys, these are my tips for rocking on red dress. Rock with these tips. And read onย Latest Makeup Trends That Are Rocking

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