5 Things To Do To Apply Blush The Right Way

Whether you want give attention to your cheekbones or add a lively look to your checks, this can be attained through through blush. Blushes come in 2 varieties, one is thick cream and the other is powder. Thick cream is easy to blend and gives a skin like finish. While the other offers a full makeup coverage. So choose the right shade of blush for your skin and get started by following these tips ahead for beautiful cheeks.

1. Right Shade

Choose the right shade that are suitable for your skin. If for office work prefer light shades. If for parties, wear the bold ones.

2. Brushes

All the magic of blush lies in the tools of makeup. So better remember to choose fluffy brush for powder-y blush. If using a creamy product, I recommend you to use your hands. This gives a perfect finish to blending of creamy consistency blush.

3. Tap The Brush! 

Blending also can help in making makeup mistakes, so better be aware. Dip your brush into the blush and tap it for removing excess product. This ensures you having you the perfect look you deserve.

4. Applying In The Right Way

Apply blushes on the apples of the cheeks. Blend the product upwards with your brush in a circular motion. This can help you achieve natural look.

5. Highlighter

Adding highlight to your skin, pops out healthy glow of your blush. Some have shimmers in it. So dab the liquid highlighter fo dazzling look.


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