Latest Obsessed Makeup Trends That Are Rocking

What’s new? What’s trending? New makeup looks are trending… We all love makeup. Either office, casual or wedding. We put on makeup. Makeup Enchances our beauty. It’s not like we are hiding our face. We are just putting up makeup to enchance our features. But some think it’s not good to put makeup. Or natural beauty is the best. No offence. Just saying my opinion. Have you also heard these thing?

So friends it’s not like that. We just wanna look good and enchance our beauty. So we put on makeup. Makeup is trendy these days. New trends are coming up. And going. There are just a few basic makeup basics. But there are a lot of trends. So here I am with you with this trendy obsessed makeup that is taking over on Instagram and you are going to love. ๐Ÿ‘‰Lip Makeup – Proven Tips To Avoid Lip Stains

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1.Halo Eyes

See…bigger, bright bold eyes are in… It’s the new trendy eye makeup look. All you have to do is apply primer or concealer as a base. Start applying your favorite dark shade of eyeshadow. Apply Dark in the middle. Keep little light at the end. Apply shimmer over the eyeshadow of the same or similar shade. You can also try golden, black, white or metallic shade of shimmer for any eyeshadow. Here you are with big, bright and bold eyes.

2.Dark Lips

Love black. Lipstick? Then why wait? Either your are fair or dark, you can do fab in dark shades of lipstick. Dark shades of lipsticks are just wow….. They are suitable for any skin tone. The lips color will pop out and will make you perfect for the day. Put a lip Primer or apply concealer as a lip base. Apply same or similar shade of lip liner and apply lipstick. For lipstick spreading problem, dab baby powder to your lips and again apply a layer of lipstick. Done…

3.Nude shades contouring

Fan of light count our shades? Then now you can take on that trend, now it is in trend. Applying nudes shades and light shades of contour are fab. Applying light shade of contour makes pop out your features like checks, lips. Many beauty bloggers are obsessed with it and it’s getting bigger trend on instagram nowadays. Try on light pink, peach and nude shade contours.

4.High Highlighting

Highlight your features. Highlighting pops your makeup and finishes your makeup perfect for any occasion. Apply cream blush. And highlight your cheekbones, nose and near tip of the eyes. Blend well.

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