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Foolproof Ways To Dry Your Nail Polish Faster

Wanna dry your nail paint faster? Then you are at the right place. It’s annoying and frustrating to have waiting to dry nail polish. And it’s frustrating to have that fear of spoiling it. So see out our bunch easy ideas for you to get your nail dry faster.

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1. Apply Thin Coats

Apply thin coats of nail polish as it’s takes less time to dry. You can apply 2-3 thin layer coats than 1 thick spoiled coat. Thin coat also gives your finished look.

2. Apply Quick Dry Top Coat

Quick dry top coats make your nail polish dry faster. So apply quick dry top coat. While these also add glossy touch and prevents chipping of nails.

3. Use A Hair Dryer 

You can even use a blow dryer to dry your nails. Keep it at a medium heat and use it from 7-10 inches from your nails to avoid heat and also ripples your nail polish.

4. LED Or UV Lamp (Only Gel Nail Polish) 

If you use gel nail polish, then to dry your nails, leave your nails under LED or UV lamp for 1-2 mins. It is not useful for dry nail as it requires air to dry.

5. Freeze Out Your Nails

This can be a little cold but put your nails in ice cold water. Just wait a minute to set your freshly nail polish. Then dip your nails in cold water. Leave for 2-3 mins. Your Nail Polish dries your nail instantly.

6. Olive Oil

Soak your freshly applied nails in olive oil for 2mins. This works. You can also use coconut oil and baby oil also.

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7. Drying Drops Or Spray

You can even buy drying drops or spray to cut off your nail polish dry time. These can nourish your nails and cuticles and also makes your nail shiny.

8. Cooking Spray

You can use cooking spray to dry your nails faster. Spray on cooking spray and leave it on 2 mins. It dies faster. Spray from 5 inches to avoid spilling of your nail paint.

9. Run Your Nails Under Cold Gushing Water

Run your nails in running cold water as it dries your nails instantly. Do not use pressure.

So these are my tips for drying your nails easily with homemade ingredients. So do you have any personal ideas? You can share them in comments.

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