8 Common Makeup Mistakes And Beauty Blunders That Will Make You Look Older

Are you a makeup obsessed one? And also worried about your skin? Then this is the right Blog… Makeup is a part of our daily life. But we have been doing some wrong makeup mistakes. So let’s take a look at the common beauty Blunders and not repeat it again…

1. Excess Washing Of Your Face

Washing or cleansing your face is the first step of makeup. But we all have different skin type, and as in aging our skin properties too changes. So if you notice dry, flaky skin while applying foundation then it means that you are over cleansing your face. Many beauticians told that it is ideal to wash our face 2 times a day. One in the morning and one time in the night. Our Skin has oils present in them because of our diet, water and natural present oils. This oils work wonders on our skin that we don’t need the interference of soaps or over cleansing of our skin as this removes the natural oils present in the skin.

2. Moisturize Your Face Before Makeup

Applying makeup on dry skin is not a good idea because this makes our skin look aged, cracked and tired. And this also leads to aged skin without makeup. So it’s much better to apply makeup on a properly Hydrated skin. Also you can follow this guide to a proper skin care routine – Top 6 Necessary Skin Care Tips You Should Definitely Follow

3. No Makeup Application In The Wrong Lighting 

This is a blunder mistake as the unnatural lighting removes moisture from your skin. So make sure to always makeup in the natural lighting when possible.

4. Blending Techniques 

Wrong blending Techniques is one of the biggest comman makeup mistakes. The key to success of makeup is in mastering the art of blending. The “no makeup” makeup look lies in our blending techniques otherwise this will make your skin look unnatural and make your makeup look cakey. So just look at a few makeup tutorials and videos online and get started with some good makeup brushes.

5. Right Shade Of Foundation

Ensure that you choose the right and suitable shade of foundation for your skin. Don’t use a foundation lighter than your skin as this only enhances your wrinkles, blemishes and all that is bad for you. Using a proper shade of foundation for your skin is only the possible way to get a Flawless skin. And make sure you apply foundation  on the neck also otherwise this may make you look that you have applied makeup and this may be visible to others as well.

6. Extra Shimmer And Glitter On The Eyelids

Shimmer when used on the eyelids looks beautiful. But when used them on the entire eyelid, this will make your eyelids look extra shiny and ugly. So better use shimmery eyeshadow on the end of the eyelid and matted on the rest of eyelid. Always prefer nude eyeshadow/dark shades of eyeshadow darker than your skin tone.

7. Eyeliner Problems

I advise you using a black eyeliner if you have a dark skin tone otherwise it ends up making your eyes look harsh. To blondes or blue eyes it’s a big no to black eyeliner. If you have a lighter skin tone, then stick to a brown/white eyeliner or you may use a eyeliner that suits to your blush or eyeshadow.

8. Tacky Lip Colour

Lip color enchances your makeup, it is the final touch to your makeup. Use totally nude shades or just the ones that suit your skin tone. Using tacky lip colors can make you look aged. If you wanna use dark shades of lip color, then the makeup must be a light one and ensure use extra highlighting near cheek bones.

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