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Beauty Tips – Top 5 Tips For Soft And Pink Glowing Lips

Our lips also enhance the beauty of our face. But due to harsh weather conditions and daily usage of lip cosmetics, we are forcing our lips to pigment and become dull. So here are top tips for you to get glowing pink beautiful lips.

1. Always Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water is the most beneficial for our body. So always keep yourself hydrated. It not only make our lips pink but also it makes our skin glow and beautiful. Water has many other benefits too. To know more – 7 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water And Stay Hydrated

2.Exfoliate Your Lips Regularly

Exfoliation removes all your dead cells and it is ready to glow. So daily exfoliate your lips. Here is my secret DIY recipe to exfoliate your lips naturally.Mix 1 teaspoon of olive oil, honey, and sugar. Take a toothbrush with this scrub and rub to your lips in circular motion. Circular motion helps more blood circulation. So it will make them glow. Wash off with cold water after 15 min. Do this for 1 month and the results. You will be astonished

3.Apply Moisturizer After Exfoliation

Now your lips are ready to be moisturized. Now after exfoliating moisturizing should be done. Moisturizing help them to again regain new fresh cells which makes lips glow. You can use lip balm products but using DIY lip balm gives you luscious lips. Recipe – Mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil with Vitamin E capsules. This is the best moisturizer I have ever used for my lips.

4. Don’t overuse cosmetics

Not lips cosmetics but all cosmetics cause harm to our skin and lips.They dry our lips. And mainly lipsticks dry our lips and make them all pigmented. So avoid excess use of cosmetics.

5. Avoid biting or licking your lips.

Many people have the habit of biting or licking their lips. Many people think it will moisturize our lips but that’s wrong. Saliva makes our lips dry. To avoid biting or licking your lips and make sure you always moisturize them.

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