Lip Makeup – Proven Tips To Avoid Lip Stains

Hi ladies, what’s up… Don’t we all love makeup? But sometimes we have to bear makeup embarrassing moments. One of them is lip stains. Is your lipstick is also on collars and glasses? So we all all gathered amazing tips to avoid lipstains. Take a look and leave your suggestions in comments.

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1. Lip Primer

Apply Lip primer for avoiding lip stains and long lasting finish. Lip Primer evens and smoothes your lip base so you could have a lipstick Flawless finish.

2. Lip Liner

Lip Liner has coarse base and it stands up your creamy texture of lipstick. So apply lip liner for smooth finish. Read on: How To Apply Lip Liner Perfectly – Tips By Makeup Artists

3. Apply Powder

Why not try powder? Dab setting powder onto your lips after applying lipstick. After then apply an another layer of lipstick. There you go…

4. Apply Foundation

Don’t have lip Primer, not a big problem. You can even apply foundation and set it up with compact powder. Then aplly lipstick. This is also to avoid stain.

5. Prefer Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks are dry in texture and so they easily spread out. Buy on from online or offline try on different range of colours. You will love them.

6. Dab Tissue

Dab tissue after applying each layer of lipstick. Tissue absorbs the moisture and don’t let the lipstick spread. At last apply one layer of lipstick.

So guys these are my tips to avoid lipstick stains. What are yours? Stay connected😊 Read : 99.9% Proven Ways To Lighten Your Dark Lips


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