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How To Make Lips Look Fuller And Bigger Instantly

Fuller lips are even possible without surgeries and injections. Makeup can do wonders. But all that lies in the magic in your hands and best makeup products. So have a look at these tips for instantly fuller and bigger lips.
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1. Hydration

Hydration is the key behind our beauty’s success. So drink water to hydrate our body from inside. If our body is not hydrated, it is shown outside as puffy eyes, patchy skin and dry scalp and lips. So drinking water is necessary to hydrate internally.

2. Exfoliation

Exfoliating lips should be done at least twice a week to to avoid dry, flaky and chappy lips. Rub sugar on lips to exfoliate. This promotes blood circulation in lips and makes lips pink and soft.

3. Rub An Ice Cube

Rubbing an ice cube overall your lips makes your lips fuller. Take an ice cube. Rub it over your lips in circular motion. Do this 2-3 times a week. This is benificial if done in summer with added beauty benefits.
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4. Neutralize Your Lips Skin Tone

If your lips are pink in color, neutralizer your lips skin tone with concealer/foundation.Remember to always line your lips that goes with your lipstick. This makes your lips look big that they are actually are.

5. Apply Lipgloss

Add instant shine to your lips. Apply clear gloss in centre of your lips. When light is on your lips, it reflects and creates a focus on your lips and this will make your lips bigger. Gloss makes your lips look healthy and hydrated. You can use any lip gloss that goes with your lipstick. But prefer using clear lip gloss as it goes with all lipsticks and can well reflects.

6. Prefer Using Natural Tones

Bold colors can sometimes may not create a fuller pout due to they are much noticeable and need a extra little more maintainance. Natural tones can create n illusion of matching skin tone and lip tone which makes lips bigger. If wanna go for bold color, apply neutral lip liner. This also creates fuller pout.

7. Highlight Cupid Bow

IIf you are unfamiliar with your cupid, then it is the “V” bow shape above your top lip. If you highlight your cupid, this makes appear lips larger and fuller. Blend your cream/liquid highlighter with brush, finger or beauty blunder.

Any more tips/suggestions from your side? Let us know in comment’s section. We wanna know!


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