How To Get Naturally Healthy Pink Lips At Home In Just A Few Weeks

We all love pink lips… Soft lips Enchances the beauty of the face and add a glamorous touch to your beautiful smile. So we all try our best to make our lips soft and pink. Don’t we?? But sometimes unknowing some mistakes happen and our lips don’t turn out to be soft. The lips also need a lip care routine – Top 5 Tips For Soft And Pink Glowing Lips to attain baby soft lips as it doesn’t have any oil glands in them. Hence the external moisturizing is necessary for healthy pink lips. So follow this tips and tricks for healthy pink lips naturally at home in just a few weeks.

1. Moisture Your Lips

This is the first step towards pink and soft lips. Don’t allow the lips to chap. Chapping of lips causes dark and pigmented lips. Keep a lip balm always in handy and apply it frequently in the whole day. Prefer a DIY lip balm, because outside lip balm contains preservatives. You can also apply Vitamin E/Glycerine oil to your lips.

2. Always Keep Yourself Hydrated 

Water is beneficial overall to our body – 7 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water And Stay Hydrated. Hydrated body lead to healthy body, pink lips and glowing skin – Top 6 Necessary Skin Care Tips You Should Definitely Follow. Hydration brings out a pinkish color and juicy look to your lips. Internal hydration is as important as external moisture application for healthy lips.

3. Moisturizing Lips Before Lipstick 

Chemicals present in lipstick absorbs all the moisture of your lips. So better apply a coat of lip balm or beewax to lips before application of lipstick. Better instead of lipstick apply beet juice for a natural pinkish tinge to your lips.

4. Stay Away From Dark Lipstick Colors

Dark and pigmented colors take away the pinkisk color of your lips. So apply nude shades of lip color/soft colors. Apply lipstick from well known brand as unknown brands may contain toxins that snatch your lips Glamour.

5. Scrubbing, Scrubbing And Scrubbing

Scrubbing gives you kissable and baby soft lips. Scrubbing your lips removes all the dead cell from lips and regenerate new fresh cell which can make the lips soft and baby pink. So make a lip scrub by adding sugar to your lip balm and after apply wait for 5 to 10 min and then wipe it of with a warm cloth. Now apply lips balm. Do this daily, In a week you may observe the results. You are ready for baby pink lips!!

6. No Coffee Or Tea

Caffeine darken and pigments your lips. And makes your lips hard. So avoid tea or coffee for best results. So if you are tea or coffee addict then you can switch to green as it is beneficial for body (Top 10 Benefits Of Green Tea You Should Definitely Know)  and can also give you pink lips.

7. A Big No To Smoking!! 

Haven’t you all listened “Smoking is injurious to health”. Of course, we all have listened that. But it also harm our lips. Do you observed that the chain smokers lips are always dark and almost black? Because the cigarette smoke contain harmful chemicals compounds called Nicotine which makes the cells dead in our lips. So if you wish to have pink lips, then from now stop smoking.

8. Use SPF Lip Products And Avoid Sun Exposure 

Direct Sun exposure makes look you lips dull and rough. The UV rats contain harmful chemicals that can be harmful to your lips. Use SPF lip products when outside to prevent sun exposure.

9. Maintaining Healthy Diet

Healthy diet helps in overall benefits of body | 7 Sugar Free Fruits And Vegetables For A Healthy Lifestyle. Also have daily breakfast as this is the part of healthy diet routine. So never miss breakfast as it have a lot of benefits. So maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can help in achieving your goal of healthy, soft and pink kissable lips.

Voila! So this guide can help you give your dream lips… So better start the above told tips now itself to achieve your dream lips. So do you have a lip care routine? Make us know in the comments. Stay connected…

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