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99.9% Proven Ways To Lighten Your Dark Lips

Who doesn’t want pink and beautiful lips? But sometimes we unknowingly make some mistakes which makes ur lips dark and dull. Get your lips pink at home in a budget. Don’t forget share and leave a comment on this post. Let’s get started.

Home Remedies For Getting Rod Of Dark Lips

1. Coconut Oil

What could be better than coconut oil of with those expensive lip scrubs and balms. Coconut oil has all the fatty acids that will keep your lips Hydrated. Do apply virgin coconut oil before going to bed and in the daytime to get fresh and healthy pink lips. You can also apply oil geny with a toothbrush in a circular motion for better results. 

2. Sugar And Lemon Scrub

Sugar and lemon scrub is popular for dark lips. So why don’t you try out. Do this weekly twice or thrice and you will start getting rid of dark lips. Pro tip – This works great with me. 


  • Take a teaspoon of sugar
  • And a add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the sugar.
  • Mix well


  • Do apply the mixture with your hand or toothbrush in a circular motion.
  • Massage it for a minute
  • Remove the scrub with cold water

3. Glycerine

Glycerine is used in all moisturizing lotions and creams for moisturizing. So our lips tend to dry to to intake of smoking, excessive drinking of coffee and pollution. So glycerine helps in retaining the moisture of the lips and gets rid of dark lips.💋


  • Do apply glycerine with your index finger
  • Massage and leave on 5 mins.
  • You can also apply and leave it for overnight for best results.

4. Aloe Vera Gel

Aleo Vera has been a popular use for enchanting our beauty. There are many uses of Aleo Vera for beauty products and home remedies. Aloe Vera not only gets you rid of dark lips and also makes it soft and Hydrated. Do try this below remedy and leave comments.


  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Honey


  • Mix a tablespoon of aloe Vera gel with a teaspoon of honey
  • Mix well
  • Apply the mixture and leave on for 10 to 15 mins.
  • Do use cold water for removing the layer.


Once a day


5. Rose Water

  • Apply cool rosewater and leave overnight.
  • Use warm water to rinse
  • Do this daily

Why It Works? 🤔

Rosewater enhances the pigmentation in your lips and rejuvenates and repairs dead cells giving you soft and pink lips.

So to be honest, you can use these remedies in your leisure time to get rid of dark lips. But the main reason is bad health behind these dark lips. You Need to be Hydrated in order to give your lips a blush of pink. Also include fruits like strawberries, citrus fruits like oranges and include leafy veggies. Internal boost is also necessary for enhancement of our beauty. 

PRO Tips

  1. Do drink less coffee. Excessively coffin in our body makes our skin dark, hair thin and dull lips.
  2. Use a sun protective lotion while using makeup.
  3. Don’t step out without SPF.
  4. Say NO to Smoking
  5. Ageing also leads to dull lips. Read on to get pink lips – How To Get Naturally Healthy Pink Lips At Home In Just A Few Weeks
  6. Dry and chapped lips also lead to dark lips. So eat healthy and stay beautiful.

So guys these are my tips for dark lips. These are proven tips guys. Don’t forget to share and leave a comment on this post. Keep smiling☺️







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