How Does Stress Cause Lose Weight?

Hi everyone, nowadays we all take stress due to our work load l, kids, tensions and there are so many reasons. Some of you also tends to start losing weight. Have you noticed? This is not a good sign. We can develop many diseases like brain tumor, heart problems, and immunity system changes. So stop taking stree and start reading this post to know about more.

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Now how does stress makes you lose weight is now your question. Am I right?

  • Produces Chemical Harmones In Your Body : When you are stressed out, the body produces stress harmones which makes your lose of appetite, problem in sleeping.
  • Hunger : You feel less hungry or not at all dues to stress. And slowly your body starts to become weak and starts losing weight.
  • Burn Calories : You sometimes start too much thinking, moving your feet, or doing some activities to de – stress yourself. The mental thing and these extra activities start losing your weight.
  • Oversleeping / No  Sleep : You start to oversleep or not getting sleep for whole night when you are stressed.

So these are the reasons that happen when you are taking too much of stress. These daily changes in your schedule makes your body disturbed and you will lose weight constantly.


  1. Frequent Headache
  2. Indigestion
  3. Mood Swings
  4. Body Ache
  5. Tight Nerve Muscles
  6. Loss Of Appetite
  7. Biting lips / nails

These are the symptoms when you are stressed. So if you see these symptoms commonly, then close your eyes and take deep breath for 5 to 10 mins. This activity gets control on your brain and you tend to take less stress.

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5 Tips To Control Weight Loss Due To Stress

1. Find The Reason

There is a reason for your problem. Maybe money, marriage, work. Find the trigger of your stress and start figuring out what to do in order to make it right. Start working constantly on your reason and you will be soon of the problem and stress.

2. Solving Problems

If marriage, talk it out with your spouse and resolve the problem between you. Money problems – manage your expenses and save some money every month. Work problems are common nowadays, don’t take your work to your home, and take a break at your office and stay stress free.

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3. Talk To Someone

IIf you couldn’t understand what to do, then talk to someone, maybe your mother, your BFF and seek help. This helps reducing your tension.

4. Hydrate Yourself

Drink fresh fruit juices or water to keep yourself calm. You will feel relaxed in some time.

5. Start Seperating Your Lives

Start Zeperating professional life from personal. Main stress and problems create due to that one blunder mistake of ours. Don’t take the work stress out at home. Make sure you don’t take personal problems at home. Start separating and stay happy and joyfully. Start living in the moment. Always don’t stay stressed. Take deep breath.

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Stress is our daily problem. It’s your choice to stay joyful or just stay stressed all day long. Follow this post and you will start staying stress free in just a few days. And don’t forget to take deep breath. This works the best for stressed people like me. All the best. Keep Smiling! ☺️

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