How Can A Power Nap Change Your Day

Are you feeling tired or dizzy? Then you should take a nap every day to make you more energetic and make you day valuable. Why a short nap is called power nap? Let’s check it down.

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Power Nap

Our brain needs rest to restore alertness. And we can restore it by taking a short sleep. So to keep yourself energetic and active you need to take a short nap everyday to make your day more useful. Otherwise we feel tired and sleepy all day.

How To Take A Power Nap? 

  • You can even sit on a chair and put your head on the table and take a short nap.
  • Take a nap while going back to home in bus.
  • Sleep when you are most tired. It can remove all your stress and you will feel active.
  • Mainly afternoon naps work best as we all feel tired in afternoon time.
  • If you are working at a office, you can just nap for 5-10 min. You will feel energized.
  • Are you a student? Then release your tension and stress by taking 15 – 20 mins short nap. This is a power nap for you.

Mainly a 90 minutes power nap is a complete cycle for your brain. It totally makes you fresh and your sleep cycle is completed in correct 90 mins. If you didn’t sleep last night, then just finish off your work and take a power nap of 90 mins at the afternoon. You will feel refreshing. This is scientifically proven fact. And i also apply this in my life. 


Don’t you wanna check out napping benefits. There are many check it out. Also let us know your tips in comments.

1. You Will Become Alert

Power nap boosts alertness and makes your brain active. If you also work at night then power nap can also replace your daily 8 hour sleep.

2. Reduces Stress

Are you stressed out?? Then take a short map and release all your stress. While sleeping at night, our stress releases and all our body functions work like you will become tall and more. So to reduce your stress instantly, you need to take a power nap.

3. Memory Becomes Strong

Have you tried taking a short nap after studying? Try it. If you are a mother, make sure your child sleeps after studying for like 30 mins. This removes the drowsiness amd makes your brain active. This can improve your memory power and you can create better interest towards studies.

Hi buddies, what’s up? Hope you are doing well. My point is whether a nap of 5 – 10 or 90 minutes. Take a short nap when you feel drowsy and tired. This helps will all your entire activities of the day and you can make your life better. Days combine and make your life. So make sure you take a power nap. We recommend you to take a power nap of 90 mins at afternoon.

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