Good Cholesterol Foods To Fit Into Your Diet To Keep You Healthy

Mainly bad cholesterol is the main reason for bad health. So to avoid bad cholesterol, you can add some good cholesterol [HDL] foods to avoid bad health.

Knowing About Cholesterol

Our body produces 2 different types of cholesterols. HDL and LDL. HDL also known as high density lipoprotein. LDL known as low density lipoprotein. HDL considered as good cholesterol and keeps us healthy. It prevents all your heart related diseases. While as LDL builds inside your heart arteries and can is responsible for heart diseases. This also affects your brain.

HDL Cholesterol Foods

Add these foods to ensure your HDL levels are high enough to keep you healthy. So let’s have a look at these foods.

1. Red wine

Do you think that red wine is for occasions and facials? Then it time for you to discover the fact. Red wine has a variety of benefits and is one of the top HDL foods. One glass of red wine can increase your HDL levels by 4 mg/decilitre.

2. Olive oil

Olive oils has antioxidants and is proved by researchers that it can reduce LDL levels and can increase HDL levels. You can use it instead of butter/cooking spray. Use it for salads and dressings. Caution – More usage can also spoil your health as this contains high calories.

3. Avacado

Avacado is full of monosaturated fats. And of the best HDL foods! Add slices of avacados to your sandwich or just add to your fruit salad. Add this instead of mayonnaise or butter for a better diet. This also lowers your bad cholesterol.

4. Brussels Sprouts

Another food to help you keep healthy. This has the capability to lower your LDL levels by completely blocking it. It is a soul able fiber which is recommended for good cholesterol levels.

5. Oranges 

Just like other fruits, Oranges also contain antioxidants that help you prevent heart attacks and other heart related diseases. One adult should consider having atleast 20 grams of oranges/any fruits per day to have you let higher HDL levels.

6. Dry fruits

Having dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts help in keeping you healthy.

  • Walnuts – Walnuts are full of polyunsaturated fatty acids. However recommended having walnuts in moderation as these are high in calories. So have it coated with salt, sugar or heavy dressing or these almonds can make you put on weight.
  • Almonds – We all mostly know that having a handful of almonds is helpful for sharp brain and reduces the risk of heart diseases. These are also known as quick instant energy giving foods. They mostly contain Vitamin E in abundance and can reduce the plaque in the arteries.
  • Hazelnuts – Full of Omega-3 fatty acids that controls dangerous heart rythms. It also contains fiber in abundance which prevents diabetes and makes you eat less and is helpful in weight loss. Have both polysaturated and monosaturated fats which is helpful in good heart health and a better healthy lifestyle.
  • Pistachio – Having pistachios is a good step towards your healthy body. Pistachios are rich in plant sterol.

7. Dark Chocolate 

Don’t you all love dark chocolates? We do right! So this the best opportunity to indulge into something delicious. It is a great HDL food. And helps in lowering bad cholesterol. Dark chocolate has also many other benefits.

8. Green Tea

Green tea is known for promoting glowing skin and hair. It is also known to be good for health and prevents bad health. It also has many other benefits.

Some More Tips For Increasing HDL Levels In Your Body

  • Give up smoking as nicotine in cigarettes promotes LDL levels of cholesterol in your body. So give up smoking for prom thing higher levels of good cholesterol.
  • Exercising helps in bringing movement your body and gives you a perfect shape. If you also do jogging for ten 10 mins, this is a great step for higher HDL levels and is a step to a healthier body.
  • Healthy diet and timely eating is a smart way to avoid home to deadly and dangerous diseases. Maintain healthy weight and avoiding obesity also help increasing HDL levels and avoid all cardiovascular diseases and maintains good heart health.

So start up your routine to follow these tips and have those above foods for increasing HDL levels and maintain your body health. If you have got any other some tips in your mind, do share them in our comments to let us know. We would love to…


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