Simple And Natural Effective Tips For Stronger And Smoother Hair

We all dream of smoother hair? We all love smooth hair. Nowadays, there are many hair treatments which may help you attain the way you want your hair to be. But those aren’t natural and can cause you a severe hair damage. Natural treatments are much way better than as of those chemical treatments for hair. For smoother hair, natural  hair remedies or masks are the best as the nutrients and vitamins in the masks penetrate nourishment deep into the roots of the hair and helps gets you smoother hair and it lasts longer. So they make our hair strong, shiny and smooth for a longer time. So let’s move to our post to find out more about these awesome and amazing natural effective remedies for hair to make hair strong and smooth.This treatments are a little time consuming, but are totally “worth” the time.

1. More Conditioning

Make sure you condition your hair frequently. After shampooing your hair (Do Use Sulphate Free Shampoo) , do apply this mask for shiny and smooth hair.

You will need

  1. Vitamin E capsule – 1
  2. Aloe Vera Gel – 2 Tablespoon

Do prefer, using natural aloe Vera gel (Aloe Era has the same composition as that of keratin treatment) but you can also the outside available one. If natural, cut aloe vera from the stem and take the gel from it. Do grind it and you can store it for upto 7 days. It will become water-like consistency. To a bowl add aloe vera gel and capsule and mix well. After shampoo, apply this to hair from the root of the hair and then slowly apply it to upwards in a circular motion. And the massage the remains to the Scalp for 2 min and then wash it off with luke water. And then you can just wrap your hair with warm towel for best results.

2. Don’t Use Too Hot Water For Your Hair

Hot water might remove the glands from the Scalp and make it dru and flaky and this tends to dry and frizzy hair. So always wash your hair with luke warm water. And ensure you wash your hair or apply any mask or conditioner in circular motion and from the roots. And wrap your hair in luke warm towel as tends to produce glands which helps in smooth and shiny hair. Always wash your hair in luke warm water. If you use shower to wash you hair, don’t forget to lower the pressure of the shower. Higher pressure on the Scalp is not good for hair.

3. Wide Tooth Brush For Hair

Throw away all your combs and bring on a wide tooth brush. Always keep your hair detangled. Brush your hair twice a day for detangling your hair. Don’t overcomb your hair. This can lead to hair weakness and can lead to breakage of hair and frizzy hair.

4. Hair Oil

Hair oil is an essential part of smooth hair. Do apply hair oil at least once a week. Don’t apply to much oil to your hair as this overproduces oil glands in Scalp and this can lead dandruff and frizzy hair. I suggest you to use coconut oil for your hair. As this promotes in shiny and stronger hair.

5. No! Say No To Hair Tools

A big no to hair tools. Straighteners, Curling irons, or blow dryers weakens your hair and can lead to dry hair. And this tends to hair breakege. So daily usage of these hair tools is not recommended. Do use natural ways to curl, straight or blow dry your hair following natural remedies by online tutorials and videos. This will take time but it’s a long run towards your beautiful dream hair. If in hurry, before using hair tools definitely use hair spray as this protects from the damage of hair tools to your hair.

6. Blow Drying Tips

Recommended is always dry your hair in natural sunlight. As this enriches your hair with Vitamin D which is essential for shiny and strong hair. Or dry your hair in ceiling fan or just a table fan.  If necessary, you can then blow dry your hair but keep the dryer away 15-20 centimetres from your hair. And constantly move your blow dryer to avoid drying your hair constantly at only 1 point for way too long. And use wide wooden based ceramic brush for less damage to your hair.

7. Avoid Chemicals

Do not use hair products which contains Sodium Lauryl, Sulfate, or Ammonium Laureth Sulphate as these are industrial chemicals. These hair products tend to thinning and drying of hair. So use chemical-free shampoo for lustrous and soft smooth, shiny hair. Do use ayurvedic or or below hair mask for strong and smooth hair.

You Will Need

  1. Gram flour – 2 to 3 Tablespoons (According To Your Hair Length)
  2. Amla powder – 1 teaspoon
  3. Coffee powder – 1 teaspoon

Mix the ingredients well with sufficient water. Apply this hair mask in circular motion from roots of the hair and massage your head for 5 min as this leads to relaxation and stress free. And helps in improvement of your hair condition. Pull up your hair like a crown and then cover up with a shower cap. Leave it for 15 min and then wash it off with warm water. Shampooing for this pack is not needed. Apply this pack twice a week for shimmy and Smoother hair.

8. Trimming

Split ends damage your hair and leads to frizzness. So trimming makes your hair healthy and smooth. Trimming should be done in every 6-7 weeks.

So this will helps in giving you healthy, strong and smooth hair. So Share your thoughts, experiences with us and stay connected.


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