Why Women Gain Weight After 40

40 is a glamorous period of your life. You achieve mostly everything in your life and starts relaxing. But some problems always come with the ageing. And one of them is gaining weight after 40. We did a research and got to know most women face the same problem. But many don’t know the reason why? So scroll on to read the post and don’t forget to share and comment.

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1. Menopause

This is the time when menopause stage occur in women. And this leads to harmonal imbalance. It’s the time when ovaries reduce the production of estrogen in body levels and this increases fat in your body.

2. Appetite 

Our appetite increases as we move on to our 40’s. All this happens because of our harmonal changes. So overeating causes weight gain in our body. 😊 : Good Cholesterol Foods To Fit Into Your Diet To Keep You Healthy

3. Slower Metabolism

As you start ageing, our metabolism works slower which tends to burn less calories in our body. So opt in for movement and you may join yoga classes. And add some extra activities which causes you movement and you can burn more calories.

4. Diabetics 

Diabetes causes to gain weight. Mostly sugar and processed foods should be avoided starting this age. The sugar levels in your body causes to store fat and you get a bigger belly… 😊

5. Stress

Now women at 40 have to children tensions, retirement thinking and more. So our body glands start to produce more fatty acids in our body which tend to fat around arms, hips and thighs.

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6. Physical Activities 

Lacking physical activities does not burn out your fat. Women at 40 tend to have less physical activities than the other age women. So increasing your physical activities may help you cut down a lot of weight.

These are the main 6 reasons to put on weight after 40. Do check them out and make sure you take the possible actions to not gain after or starting at 40. All the Best 😊 

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