Top Effective Ways To Increase Lung CapacIty

A person breaths, on average, about 25,000 times in a day. The main function of the lungs is to transport oxygen from the environment into the bloodstream and to expunge carbon dioxide, from the bloodstream to the environment. It has newly revealed from The American Lung Association that five out of fifteen people suffer from lung disease.

Research from the United State of America has found that the average American adult experiences breathlessness on average five times a week. The researchers also established that three in ten adults suffer breathing difficulties when they bend down to pick up an object.

The researchers also suggested that making small changes to lifestyles to improve our body health, such as taking the stairs instead of using the lift and walking instead of taking public transport when possible. It has been revealed that breathlessness can be indicative of lung disease and should not be ignored. So here are the best and effective ways to increase your lung capacity in a fewer weeks.

1. Give Up Smoking

Cigarette smoke is the main reason for lung diseases. Cigarette smoke releases nicotine and tar. The smoke leave these patches in the lungs. These hazardous gases take a lot of space and prevent normal breathing. Smoking also causes lung cancer. Smoking prevents the wind pipe and lungs need to overwork to absorb the needed amount of oxygen. If you aren’t a smoker, don’t go near anyone who is smoking. This can also be dangerous to your health as the gases can also enter your lungs while you are breathing.

2. Cardiovascular Activities

Regular cardiovascular activities produce RBC and keeps you oxygenated. Do consider swimming, running, cycling, aerobics, to increase your lung capacity.

3. Deep Breathing 

Deep breathing exercises also help in increasing your lung capacity Meditation [What Is Meditation And What Are It’s Benefits] and yoga [Top 20 Amazing Benefits From Yoga You Would Be Surprised To Know] have many forms of deep breathing exercises which you can give a try. These are of the easiest methods. Doing these practices regular not only helps to increase your lung capacity but also has many other physical and mental benefits as well.

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