Swimming And It’s Benefits You Have To Know

If you don’t like to gym then swim… Swimming is fun way of exercising and has many benifits. You can just swim with your family, friends or just lonely by yourself. Swimming is meant for for everyone. You will feel the benefits of swimming internally and externally if you are swimming regularly. So learn more about swimming and it’s benefits down there!

Tips For Swimming

  • Put your swim goggles way before you swim so that you can get habituated to them.
  • Put swim fins as they increase the flexibility of your bones.
  • Always use the silicon ear plugs to avoid water into your ears that stays longs and causes ear infections and can reduce your hearing senses.
  • Keep a towel handy.
  • Befriend with experiance swimmers and gather more knowledge about swimming.

Tricks To Be A Good Swimmer

  • Prefer choosing a safe environment to swim with lifeguards on duty for swimming.
  • Keep fluids with you in handy and keep your body well Hydrated.
  • Do some warm up exercises to relax your body before swimming to avoid afterward pains.
  • If you are a newbie swimmer, then do not swim for too long as you can get extreme pains, swim for 1-2 hours daily till your habituated to it.
  • After your swimming, remember to cool down and once again do a warm up session. This prevents swimming injuries.

10 Benefits Of Swimming

1. Bone Strength 

Bones strength decreases by ageing. Swimming can help build in bone strength. It also helps people with joint pains, arthritis and other bone related issues.

2. Improves Heart Health 

Nowadays heart attacks has become a common disease among us. So to reduce the risk of heart strokes one should practice swimming. Swimming improves blood circulation and our heart conditioning. Many scientists have also proved that swimming helped many people with heart and cardiovascular related diseases.

3. Weight Loss

We mostly all wish to burn our calories but daily cannot go to gym and workout. We find it hard. Don’t we? If your answer is yes, then go for swimming. Yes, swimming burn a lot of calories. As burning our calories, the extra fat in our body also gets losing. As a result we lose our weight. American researchers found that the average population followed swimming for losing weight.

4. Increase In Height

As swimming is one of the aerobic exercises, it also has the capability to increase height as well. Well some people couldn’t grow after a certain period of age. So they need some stretch to increase height. Swimming stretches our bones and increases our height. So daily swim 1-2 hours and the height increases gradually.

5. Builds Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability of moving joints to their fullest. When swimming, we use limbs and core to move your body forward and increases flexibility in our body.

6. Improvement In Body Coordination 

We all know that swimming is done with coordination with arms, legs chest head and eyes. Swimming helps your whole body coordination and movement between limbs and core.

7. Improves Breathing

Swimming enchances our breathing system. It clears our airways and helps the people with breathing diseases. Mainly asthma can be cured with swimming. Reasearchers have proved that swimming is better than other exercises.

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8. Lifts Mental Health

If you are worried about stress, depression or anxiety then swimming is for you. Scientists have recommended many swimming for mental health and this helps uplift your mood and releases mental tension and pressure.

9. Get A Deep Sleep 

Get a deep sleep with swimming. Swimming is a full body exercise. While your swimming, your entire body with brain works simultaneously. So that’s why you will get better sleep.

10. Gradually Slows Ageing

It uplifts your moods, and then gradually removes all stress and negative toxins from the body and gives positive energy. So this will make you look younger. And it gradually slows down your ageing.

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Now you have known about some tips and tricks for a swimmer, and benefits. Join us in social media. Let us know your ideas and suggestions in comments section.


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