15 Easy Habits To Get Perfect Slim And Healthy Body

We all love slim and curvy body. We many are inspired by celebrities. They also do a lot of changes to routine. So we wanna achieve that hot body and look. So for that we need to change our few habits for perfect slim body. Just stay connected to food and exercise. And stay motivated and commited to your daily routine. So ready to change your look. Stay connected…

1. Drink Water

Drink water sufficiently. A lot of times we feel thirsty not hungry, but at times we misunderstand thirst as hunger and eat. So keep yourself hydrated. As keeping hydrated body satisfies our hunger level. Drink water before meal at least 10-20 mins. As this prevents you from overeating. If you are doing workout, drink more water. Water flushes out toxins, makes our skin Glowing and has many more benefits. Drink water at least 4-5 litres a day.

2. Eat Frequently 

Frequently eating is the firstmost thing a diet expert can give you. And celebrities also follow this one. Eating every 2-3 hours makes you healthy and can give you a healthy and slim body. Eating frequently makes you break calories into energy. And you will lose weight faster. Make sure you eating fruits, drink juices and eat healthy foods. You can also eat non veg but in limits. Non veg has protein and polysaturated fats which are helpful to your body.

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3. Non Veg

Proteins are the best when it comes to building muscle mass and strengthening our muscles. You can eat a lean amount of non veg in your meal to get a toned and curvy body.

4. Eat Veggies And Fruits

Fruits and veggies have high amount of carbohydrates that are good for weight loss. They also have essential vitamins and minerals which keep your body healthy. So include veggies and fruits in your diet chart. You should have  total 4-5 serving of fruits and veggies per day.

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5. No Junk 

Avoid junk or processed foods. As they contain preservatives that harm our body. They all contain is high salts, unhealthy fats and no nutrition. This sounds like a pain in ass but it’s the key to weight loss.

6. Fats….. 

Consuming fats are also a essential part of weight loss. And this is also helpful in running our body system as our body joints and bones needs fats to maintain their strength and health. Not all fats are bad. So you can consume non veg, olive oil, walnut, salmon, avacado, Bran oil, butter, cheese, cashwnuts, Flax seeds,

7. Cook Your Own Meals

Hey, this sounds as a disaster for those who can’t cook, but you can learn fron online tutorials and youtube. You can store your meals for longer in fridges in airtight containers. Make your own meals as this is healthy and you can avoid bad cholesterol and fats from outside food. Make your meals at the weekend so you don’t have to cook daily.

8. Have A Balanced Diet

Once look at your plate, it should contain fruits and veggies, a lean amount of meat, if Asians rice /chapati. And other healthy carbs and complex fats.

9. Enjoy Cheat Days

We are human beings and can’t daily follow the rules. So we need a change for our betterment. So have a cheat day if necessary badly. You can enjoy with your delicious munchies the whole day. From next day again the routine follows.

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10. Take No Stress

Taking stress is the main reason to gain weight. Taking stress leads to stress eating, or even unreasonable junk cravings by dropping your blood glucose level down. You can de-stress yourself by talking to your family, warm water bath (as warm water relaxes all our nerves as soon as possible and you can be de stressed).

11. Moving

You need to keep moving or do some kind of activities to burn down your calories to cut off fat. So do some activities, do indulge yourself and keep busy day long. You need to use your calories as energy. So take a break from work and indulge in activities.

12. Outdoor Activities 

We all don’t have time to gym or workout. So take park in outdoor games like soccer, badminton, basketball. Or you can even join dance classes or even zumba. This motivates you to keep fit and you can love  these activities.

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13. No Alcohol And Smoking

Alcohol is broken down into sugar compounds in our body. And sugar is converted to fat in body. Drink alcohol in limits not to make you weight gain.

For all our body bad habits, these alcohol and smoking are the reasons. The nicotine in cigarette pump out bad gas into our lungs and makes them spoil until we come to know after years. Alcohol makes our liver the worst. So quit alcohol and smoking. These habits don’t leave you easily but trust that you can save your body even now. Smoking can cause skin problems, lung cancer, and more diseases.

14. Walking After Meals

To make you weight loss, mainly you need to convert your calories into energy. So take a stroll after your meals as walking after meals don’t let you gain weight and slowly you can also lose weight.

15. Proper Sleep Matters

It is recommended by scientists and researchers to sleep at least 8 hours a night. We mostly all know this but cannot due to work, or because of our beloved social media or even Netflix. Don’t let your sleep be shortened. As sleeping also cuts down weight and extra fat because all day long activities come to rest at night. So the body does it’s work on night. So never let your sleep cycle disturbed. If you wish to do work at night, develop a habit of waking up early. However oversleeping also does the opposite by slowing down your metabolism and can gain you more weight. If you are having a problem to wake up early then take a look at this post here and you will be able to wake up early.

So now cut down your weight fast and achieve the perfect slim body. You know why I have put the word “healthy body” in title?? Because not only following the above activities can give you toned and slim body but also a healthy body. And can help us from many types of diseases. Many of us are spoiled by getting late in morning, not doing or skipping breakfast and many more bad habits.

So follow these tips for not only slim but also healthy body. Do comment if any suggestions. Best Of Luck…

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