12 Best Rules Of Fitness For Fit Body

Who doesn’t love fit and glamorous body? But for that we have to take take of our diet, our workout routine and more. Follow these rules and make your fitness routine simple.

1. Eat A Lots Of Protein Foods

Eat non veg and dairy products. These build up the energy in your body for workout and doesn’t make you feel low after workout. Eating protein foods build your muscles. Good Cholesterol Foods To Fit Into Your Diet To Keep You Healthy

2. Water

Drink water after workout. You will feel energetic. Drinking water flush out all toxins. You will feel hydrated and you don’t need a detox. Know more benefits : 7 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water And Stay Hydrated

3. Do An Early And Never Skip Breakfast 

Never skip breakfast. It’s the major part of fitness you need to follow. And eat something full stoch and stay energetic all day long. After 30 mins – 1 hour of waking up, do make sure you eat your breakfast. Doing breakfast also burns a lot of calories. Catch up some healthy breakfast ideas 👉 Top Quick Healthy Food Ideas To Eat For Breakfast

4. Stay Motivated 

Staying motivated is also very important for doing any work. So for fit body, do follow fitness celebrities on instagram so you get motivated by seeing them. Make sure you read celebrities fitness secrets. This gives you lot of motivation.

5. Stock Up High Fiber Carbs

Eat bread, pasta, rice, whole grains for carbohydrates and vitamins. Fibers give you strength in bones and make you healthy and fit.

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6. Drink Alcohol In Low Quantity 

Drink alcohol in low quantity. Alcohol dehydrate your body and makes your unfit from inside. So prefer drinking red wine 🍷 as it is good for your heart health.

7. Work On Different Body Parts On Different Days

Work on 1 body part in 1 day totally. Then next concertrate on another on the other day. This way you can easily be fit in a few weeks.

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8. Do Exercise Based On Time

Keep a track of exercising. Do exercise tracking with time. Like you can do 10 push ups in 2 mins. This will waste you no time in exercise schedule and you can stay determined.

9. Don’t Use Your Phone While Exercising 

These phones distract us way too much. So stay away from phones and motivate yourself to exercise.

10. Offer Yourself A Cheat Day And Do Double Workout The Next Day

Once in a week, eat something junk and satisfy your cravings. And next day burn your calories at the gym by double working out. This also makes you stay fit and keeps you determined.

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11. Prepare Your Meals In Your Mind

First don’t jump to meals, this way you can eat junk. So set up your mind and think of healthy meals first in your mind Stay determined and stay connected with healthy meals.

12. Stock Up Some Snacks

Stock up some snacks and eat them before and after exercise. This will feel light and you can workout with energy and after draining your energy you should eat. 👇👇👇

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So first, stay determined and motivated in order to stay fit. Eat healthy and offer yourself a cheat day in a week. Share this with your fitness freak friends and family. 😊 Leave on your suggestions in the comments👇Subscribe to newsletter and stay connected on social media.

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