How To Wear Legging The Right Way?

Hi fashionistas, we basically live our world in leggings. Our wardrobe is mostly half filled with leggings. Don’t you agree with me? We can wear mostly every top in legging and we are done. But sometimes we do mistakes and pair them incorrectly and does not look much good. So here I am with you to correct your mistakes and make you a fashionista.

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  • Size

Wearing the right size of any pants or tops is necessary to look flaunting. So comes with leggings. You should wear right size of legging to look perfect. Do measure at a store or at home and let know the perfect measurement. You need not wear too tight legging or too loose to look sloppy. Do wear perfect pair of legging to look perfect.

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  • Fabric

Cotton and lycra come as a daily one. Do choose leather and suede ones for a stylish look. Cotton and leather ones are the comfortable ones. For those who have a problem of rashes, skin allergy, do apply lotion and wear the legging. They will be comfortable and reduces skin irritation. Do Also Read : Dressing Tips : How To Slay In Red

  • Colours

Mix and match and make your outfit a stylish one. Do try Pairing with the same colour top or opt-in for a contrast one like for a red top you can go for a bright yellow legging. And a cool pair of earrings make your day. Do shop at our store for the latest trendy accessories.

Printed Leggings

Printed Leggings are life. They give life to any outfit. You can just wear a  black crop top and wear a pair of flashy pair of printed Leggings and you are ready to rock.


Go for stocking for a professional look. You can wear a baller and pencil skirt and opt-in for stockings. And choose to wear boots or heels as these look more professional and classy and you are ready for the meeting.

Workout Leggings

Workout Leggings suitable for the workouts unless you choose high quality and no see through pair of leggings as it may look very awkward and you know what I mean.


  1. Wearing thongs or thick underwear.
  2. Wearing printed leggings on printed tops.
  3. Wearing too loose or too tight leggings.
  4. Not wearing seamless undergarments.

Legging is totally your choice. You can wear it for all. Just follow some tips and do experiments u till you feel this is the right one.

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These are my tips for wearing leggings. Do share your tips in the comments. We wanna know. Also share this post in your social media. And do subscribe to newsletter.

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