How To Look Fashionable – 22 Fashion Tips And Tricks Every Girl Should Follow

We women and girls love fashion and we keep the pace up with trends. We do follow fashion influencers on instagram, follow them. We use the tips given by experts. We just love fashionistas and their every posts. We all mostly try to buy designer clothes. Isn’t it? Why don’t we ourselves try to become fashion experts? So why not see this tips for yourselves and try to become fashion expert. Check it out.

1. Always Wear The Right Bra Size

Wearing the right size is always necessary for fashion and fitness of your body. Always prefer cotton material for your bra. Cotton is suitable for any types of skin and you may not get any rashes.

  • How to know if the bra is in right size for you? 
  • Well the answer is that in your dressing room, in front of mirror. Wear the bra and jump to see the size is fit for you. If the boobs are not jumping with you they are in state and this is a right size, if they are jumping do check the strap either it is too loose or tight. Always keep the straps neither too loose or tight. And make sure the boobs are fit in the bra cup. If out, this size is small for you. If in fit and you have checked the strap size but still bouncing, then this size is big for you. So make sure you always wear the right bra size for your body and fashion.

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2. Do Invest In Good Lingerie 

Always buy soft metirial lingerie. Otherwise skin rashes will happen in no time.  Not always branded but good quality is a necessary.

3. Go For Trench, Leather And Denim Jackets

These jackets are trendy and always are in fashion. Pair them with sunglasses and boots. These make a fabulous pair. These are. Year long they are suitable for any outfit. Denim jackets are best for casual while trench and leather can also be used for formal attire. In winter, these looks rock…

4. Season For Scarves

Scarves… They go with any attire either casual or formal. Woolen, silk and satin scarves go in winter. While in summer pair your outfits with casual thin scarves. Make yourself fashionable with this cool tip.

5. Heels Are Saviours 

Following the trends from 80s, heels are evergreen in trend. For formal, prefer wearing dark formal colours like black, beige or totally white. For casual, you can totally go for dark colours like dark red, yellow and pink. Heels highlight your legs and enchance the beauty of your legs. Walking in heels can be a difficult. So take this Pro tip – Always while wearing heels put your step from heels to toe (backwards to forward). It may take time to get habituated but try this you will look fab. If wearing heels gets you leg pains, you can prefer pumps. Or either prefer wearing 2 inch heels instead of 4 inch. If this does not work then prefer wearing pumps. This will also do.

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6. Wear Contrast Colours/ Matching 

Prefer wearing totally matching colors(black and black) Or totally contrast colors (Black and White). For floral prefer wearing contrasts. Understand the colour wheel and you can conquer the fashion world.

7. Right Way Of Washing Clothes

Never mix light color clothes with dark colours. Don’t add too much detergent. Do not add soft metirial clothes like soft meterial t-shirts, woolen sweaters with jeans. Wash soft meterial clothes in low heat setting.

8. Organizing Cupboard

Cupboard organizing is a must. We women always say “We don’t have clothes to wear”. Isn’t this a true statement? Yes… So organizing your closet every 2 months. Throw the waste clothes away and set the clothes the right way according to your understanding so you could find your clothes at the very first and you could take time thinking making the perfect pair.

9. Accessories 

Accessories are a main part of looking fashionable. If formal put on a chain and small earrings. If for wedding, prefer wearing a ring and bracelet and long earrings. If casual, you can wear just stylish long light earrings. Grab fashion accessories at my online store here

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10. Art Of Tucking

Learn the art of tucking. This is trendy. Front-tuck, half-tuck or even navel-tuck. You gonna try them all.

11. Pairing Print, Patterns Or Even Florals

Pairing these print, floral or patters can be a perfect gift for being a fashionista. Sometimes you have to learn it. So try to pair florals tshirts with skirts. Prints and patterns can be paired easily.

12. Sleeve Up Some Cool Fashion Tips

Learn some basic fashion tips and the most popular ones. You can learn them from YouTube easily. Like tucking your Jeans in boots, cleaning wine stains and more. This can save you from embaressment and money.

13. Don’t Mix Too Many Colour Or Patterns. Just Let One Colour Pop In Your Outfit

Don’t mix as this will make you look overdressed. Just let one colour pop. This will make you look more trendy. You can just see the influencers and you can follow them.

14. Legging With Baggy Clothing 

Prefer wearing baggy with tight combination. Wear crop tops with legging. This is a perfect pair. This highlights your waist and legs.

15. Belts

Belts can also make you look flattering. So use belts both big and small.

16. Wearing White? Choose Proper Innerwear

Wear proper light color innerwears while wearing white. Wearing dark colors shows your innerwears and this might not look flattering.

17. Makeup

Makeup also comes under trends. For formal, use light make such as no makeup look. For casual attire, it totally depends upon your choice. You can look more flattering if your eyeshadow and lipstick colour shades are same or matching.

18. Handbags

Handbags can also give you a flattering and stylish look. So always choose the right handbag. For casual you can always carry a sling bag. For formal use, do not miss crossbody bags. And for wedding you can use a clutch. I recommend you choosing a handbag matching to your footwear.

19. Experiment With Your Clothes

Experimenting is the main part. Do not go on your body type. Just look for clothes which match your body. Go for all variety of dresses. Experimenting can be very useful to plus size women. Go with clothes that enchances your features.

20. Wear Blazers Sometimes

Blazers also give touch up to your dresses like the coats. So you can also try this look to look stylish and fashionable. Make sure you wear according to your outfit. If your outfit is of light colour, prefer a dark coloured blazer. For casual you can always sleek on to colours like red, yellow, green and more. For formal attire make sure you mostly stick up to black as black can be totally anyone’s colour. It goes with anyone.

21. Hairstyles

Hairstyles also are a important look. Messy bun is also my fav but we have go with other hairstyles to loob trend and fab. If suppose you are huge long earrings, then go for a high end ponytail, this can be very flattering. Like this, learn a few hairstyles. Some for formal, for casual you can even go with a messy bun but try other hair styles too…

22. Jumpsuit, Tracksuits, And Pantsuits

They are always trendy. So it’s never late to wear this and make the stylish look yours.

These are my tips from our personal fashion expert. So follow these tips and always be confident. So now it’s time for you to be a fashionista and rock the insta world. If any suggestions or you want any other relevant info or posts from me contact me on insta(@bubblingera) or tell us in the comments below.


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