How To Dress Professionally – Dressing For Office

Have you been worried about “What to wear” on a office day? Have been this been your problem on working days? So now take a chill pill and take a look at this post to dress everyday like a professional to look great at each and every day. So without deley, let’s have a look at the post showing all professional dressing ideas.

1. Hairstyle

Hairstyle makes the perfect office day. So a perfect messy bun also works well. So for perfect hair, spending half of salary is not needed. You can just follow some beauty channels on youtube and follow their hair tutorials. And You Go Girl!!

2. Handbags

Handbags complete your outfit and give you a  professional look. So a bold tote or even a crossbody handbag goes well. Bold colours suit well and they look attractive. So find a handbag that fits your electronic gadgets, everyday stuff, miscellaneous items and a power packed lunch box.

3. Footwear

We all love footwear. Don’t we? These footwear highlights your legs. So for a office meeting, shirt tuck with pencil skirt and just a pair of long earrings, black colour hig heels or pumps and a confident you would make your meeting successful.

4. Perfect Skin With A light Makeup

First you need to make your skin Glowing naturally by following youtube skin tutorials. And exercises also helps blood circulation amd make your skin Glowing and gradually Flawless – Top Exercises To Make Your Skin Glowing And Flawless You can also check these guide out this for perfect skin – Top 6 Necessary Skin Care Tips You Should Definitely Follow

So if far, you can apply a light makeup to highlight your face. Follow “No Makeup Makeup Tutorials From YouTube. Apply light eyeshadow like light brown and a light colour highlight. Note – Don’t apply dark shade eyeshadow or highlight as this makes your skin look unnatural. Apply a light pink lipstick to make your lips look natural. So now you are perfect for the day.

5. Accessorising Yourself 

Always remember, a little of accessories is enough. Too much accessories may make you look overdressed for a presentation or a meeting. So a pair of earrings and a small pendent neck piece would go well with tuck in shirt. And for a women’s suit, a watch and ear studs will look great. Wanna grab some accessories, grab here

6. Perfume

Smell good and this is non negotiable. Apply a light plesent smell maybe rose smell perfume to your pulse points of the hands and rub well. Do not apply too much as this may choke people and gives you a bad impression to your fellow coworkers.

7. Well ironed clothes

Well, we all love clothes. So we can define a person by his/her clothing. And the 1st impression also depends on our clothes. So always wear ironed clothes for office. This may give you a good impression. So a skinny jeans and a low luck in shirt looks good. And I prefer wearing contrast colours for office. So a bold outfit and a light makeup and accessories start my day.

What are you waiting for? Do follow these to get a good impression at office work. So these are my tips for a better day at office. So Share your experiences with us and do leave a comment as we can stay connected. And subscribe to newsletter and follow our social media.


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