High Heels – Master The Art Of Walking In Heels

Don’t you dream to look stylish and hot? The walk of heels makes us look fashionable and stylish. It’s makes our legs look stylish. So we all love fashion and stylish look. Do you agree with me? But we face difficulties in walking in heels and leg injuries pains. So to avoid these difficulties you need to know tips, and master the art of walking in heels. It can be a little difficult but by practicing you can achieve your dream legs.

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  • Always wear a right size pair of heels. Neither loose nor tight.
  • If a new pair of heels, it can injure your leg. So wear socks.
  • Prefer black color socks while wearing heels. You can achieve stylish look.
  • You cannot learn walking in heels in one day. So be practical and keep practicing.
  • Standing in heels can be painful. So use shoe cushion. This helps a lot.
  • As a beginner, put onย  small steps. Don’t try to dance, and do other activities.
  • Don’t try to force your feet to wear regularly heels. As a beginner wear heel once a week and slowly you can develop a habit of wearing heels daily.
  • Keep your heels clean like new… ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ
  • If beginner, start from short heel pumps. If suddenly, you will start wearing big heels it will make you feel discomfort and you can have major leg injuries.
  • If slippery, scrub off your soles and make them little rough.
  • Make sure you wear heels that are thick, sturdy and rounded near the toe. This gives your grip in your feet and heel. This maintains a good co-ordination between heels and your feet.
  • Pamper your feet after wearing heels. Massage your toes and heels with warm olive oil.
  • You can also do a home pedicure by dipping your feet in warm water and any 2-3 drops of essential oils.
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1. Experiment

Slow and steady wins the race. So remember experiment with heels. Until you reach your goal of 6 inch heels. Wear from 2-3 inch heels to six heels.

2. Posture

Good posture also makes your body well. But also helps with heels.

3. Art Of Balancing

Walking in heels is nothing but proper balancing. Great balancing makes you a fashionista. So make sure you put slow and little steps while learning balancing. Be sure you start with 1-2 inch of heels.

4. Size And Shape

Size and Shape matters the most while wearing heels. It’s also necessary to fit. So starters don’t online shop your 1st pair of heels.

  • If curvy feet, go for wide pair of heels.
  • Often measure your feet.
  • First don’t go for styles. Wear soft leather and small inch heels to practice.
  • Take your 1st pair of heels as as your practice pair.

5. Practiceย 

Do more practicing. Practice heels at flat grounds at start. Practice until get rid of weird and uncomfortable feeling. Walk from toe to heel.

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6. Surface

How to handle heels in monsoon or even winter?? It’s a problem to wear heels in snow or wet. Or even at slipper floors lie polished marble. So make your sole sturdy by making your heel’s sole rough by nail filer, toe scrubber, or you can also use body scrubber.

7. Angle

Angle your step. You can just angle your leg a slight cross. This makes you look like a model at a ramp walk. It may be little a difficult at start. But practice makes a women perfect!

8. Start Your Feet From Heel To Toe

Start your feet from heel to toe. We do not care while wearing flats, shoes or pumps. But for heels, it’s necessary. This makes you walk easily. And makes you look hot.

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Make sure you read the topย tips.ย Also practice till you master it. And prefer comfort over style. These are my tips. Get to connect me on social media.


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