Dressing Tips – How To Slay In Red

Red is hot colour. So doing fab in red will make you look fashionista. But sometimes because of our mistakes, we can’t slay in red. So to slay in red take a look at our guide, and look fab in any occasion. Take a look: Tips And Tricks To Make You Look Slimmer And Taller Instantly

1. Red Colour Accessories

You will look totally fab, if you pair any accessories like earrings, watch, like that with outfits. Make sure you wear light or contrast outfit. Contrast means if you wear top a dark colour, then bottom should be of light colour and vice – versa. Also pair red colour accessories on light colour outfits, so they pop out and grab your attraction. And you can slay that outfit.

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2. Total Red


We mainly follow celebs. Right?? So we see they just put on total red and Wow! They look fab. So either a office outfit or a causal one, you can also put a red dress and look beautiful. You just need to make your accessories simple them. You can just wear cute small studs, and put up a watch or bracelet. Don’t take up red colour footwear, either you can choose white, black or yellow. Opposites Attract.

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3. Only Bottom

Either crop top or off shoulder, pair up with red bottom skirt or pants. Red highlights your outfit. And enchances your leg. You can also look tall and Slimmer.

4. Red Heels

Heels also plays a major role in outfit. So to look fab in any outfit you can just take your heels. Pair red heels with outfit and you are now ready to rock. If you are not interested in heels, you can choose a pair of dark red footwear of your choice.

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5. Red Handbag

Handbag pops your top. So to slay in an outfit, you should choose handbag according to your dress, colour and accessories. Red handbags also goes well with any outfit. You can slay your prom wearing a black short length dress carrying a red colour clutch. So choose handbags according to your dress, and match up with red handbag. You go girl!

6. Scarf In Red

Grab a red scarf and you go for winters or summers. Make sure you don’t wear red top. Because then you can’t pop out the beauty of red scarf. Jut put on a midi dress and scarf and you rock….

7. Only Top

Top in red also make you look awesome. Pants or skirts, you can pain any red colour top and you can look fab. Try out red tunic or tube top with denim or leather jackets and you will look sexy.

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