5 Best Fashion Advice Of The Era

1. Never Let Go White Shirt 

White shirt is something you should never let go of. Chic yet classy. Pair it with jeans, skirt or make a off shoulder shirt, or bow tie one. You can just Slay In any way. Always iron your shirt and wear nude or white bra. Chunk on with crazy accessories and you are a slayer queen.

2. Bra Is Base

Bra is base. Always wear a correct bra to top up any outfit.

3. No matchy

Matchy is gone. Neon and contrast wearing is the new trend. Wear contrast. Like pairing a red top with white hight waist pads and adding on neaon colour stilettos and accessories. Light with dark, or neons with dark. Match it until you get the satisfaction that this is perfect!

4. Show Skin Selectively

You can also look sexy with showing your skin too much. Wear a blazer and pair on with chunky accessories and you are ready to slay. Or a chunky skirt with mesh top works good.

5. Develop Your Own Style 

You need not need to copy others style. Just develop your own signature style by matching and experimenting.

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Get the slayer out of yourself. And develop your own fashion style. These are my fashion tips. What are your’s? Do let us know in the comments. 

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