12 Cool Fashion Ideas Every Teen Girl Should Follow

Hi teens… What’s up? Teens always struggle what to wear. Do you also? Teens love fashion. Be a trendsetter and play with colours. You can create a new fashion world. Put on clothing ideas and become a fashionista. Always searching your wardrobe? Then this blog post brings on cool fasion ideas for teens. Try on and let us know in comments. If you love fashion, also take a look – How To Look Fashionable – 22 Fashion Tips And Tricks Every Girl Should Follow

1. Try On Layering

Layer clothes with denim, jackets or try on even vest. Pair it will sneakers and sling bags. You go girl!

2. Match Up Bright Colours

Match up bright colour like your t-shirt with same colour footwear. This looks more bright and beautiful. Wear others neutral or ligh colours to make bright pop. And try to play with colours. Try to add on oxidised rings. Or you can even put up a plain neutral t-shirt with casual skirts.

3. Denim Jacket 

Blue denim jacket is just a fashion saviour to teen. It suits with any outfit. Maybe a white t shirt, skirt and denim jacket or something casual tank top paired with cool loose pants and our lovely denim jacket. What extra ideas do you have in kind? Do let us know in comments.

4. Shorts with Tees

Teens love shorts. So pair your short with loose baggy tshirt. And tuck up one side of t-shirt. And try on crazy accessories. Wear a chunky chain. And do prefer little long earrings.👌

5. Chunky Accessories

If you are a teen, try on chunky accessories. Don’t make it big. Try on earring or rings. Don’t wear 2 types of jewellery. It doesn’t pop out your look. 👉Check out my online jewellery store at menu. I am damn sure you will like it. 😜

6. Put Up Glasses

If sight, this is a plus pint for you. If your clothes are bright wear on black glasses. Otherwise if your clothing is neutral, then go for vibrant pop up colours.

7. Boots 

Strap or long length boots, experiment with all. Boots also can make you a cool fashionista. So why not try on? You will love the boots. Black goes with all. Also try white boots. Make sure you keep it clean every time you wear like it’s new.

8. Sometime Try To Be Girly

Put up a few girly clothes in your wardrobe. Add a accessory to enchance your look. Put on sunglasses. Try dresses with prints, floral design or flowers. Wear pumps or heels and you are ready for the day.

9. Sunglasses Rock

Sunglasses also rock. Sometimes wear on sunglasses. Black sunglasses are saviour. But try on different looks sometimes. Make sure you put the right shape sunglasses. Take a trial which sunglass shapes suits you the best.

10. Hats

Hats go well. Either casual or formal. Put up this look. And see which hat goes well. Prefer black hat for formal. For casual, you can put up yellow. Yellow pops and add glamour to your look.

11. Sling or Crossbody Bags

For teens, sling or crossbody bags do well. Always have a black sling bag at handy. This goes with every outfit you wear. Crossbody also does well. If wearing dark colour outfit, do prefer bag colours like white, olive, dark or navy blue. If neutral put up bag colour like, dark yellow, red, blue, green.

12. Belts

Put up belts for long dresses to avoid loose clothing and be fabulous. Put up crop top and add belt to your torn jeans.

Pro Tip – Highlight your face bones. Put on dark eyeshadows. And wear on outfit matching lipstick. Also try black colour lipstick. It looks bold. And take care of your beauty like skin, hair, nails and lips. Pop Up your look and go bold! ♥️ 

Hey teens, be confident what you wear, and try on these fashion ideas. Share the post with your friend and relative teens. Do also stay in touch with our newsletter and social media. Any query, then question us in comments. And 👉also check out our online jewellery store at menu. We have amazing offers. So don’t forget to check it out. 😊💖


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